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St.Gregory/ IMMAC CYO Intramural Basketball Program

  • The Intramural basketball program is a skills based, teaching program for beginners and those who are looking to learn the fundamentals of basketball while having fun
  • The program is organized by St.Gregory and also IMMAC CYO and their coordinator Kathy Hurley
  • The intramural program has continued to grow each year and working with IMMAC CYO we strive to keep improving the intramural program 
  • We are also very fortunate to recieve the help of North Rockland High School basketball coaches as well as the players and other experienced coaches
  • The program begins the last Saturday in December and ends in mid-March
  •  The first three weeks will be practices. On week 1, every player is issued a basketball
  • The goal of the practice is to teach the fundementals of basketball and the proper techniques and skills
  • On the second practice,  each player meets their coach and teammates  for the season
  •  Week 3 during the final practice,  every player is issued  their new game jersey and they practice in teams to prepare for the games in Janurary
  • After the practices conclude in Janurary, games will begin. Players only bring their game jerseys and don´t need to bring balls once games begin
  • Schedules/ Rules and Locations for the games and practices will be emailed out and also posted here on the website
  • Please note: All practices and games are only held on Saturday mornings
  • Games are tons of fun where each team plays against each other, each player brings the ball up, plays both offense and defense, and the score is kept on the scoreboard
  • Clock is stopped throughout the game to teach skills about offense, defense, etc.
  • Our goal is for every player to score by the end of the season as well as improve their skills and get better while having fun!
  • Grades 1/2 and Grades 3/4 are a division and play together however during  games only those of equal skills will play at the same time to ensure fairness
    • More information and pictures can be found under Intramural Teams/ Schedules tab and under pictures tab on the horizontal page menu
    • Coaches are needed for the season. Coaching is lots of fun and requires no prior basketball knowledge. For more information on how to coach Intramurals please email Tom at sgbcyo@gmail.com
    • The program cost is $100 and Registration will close in December.   Registration will be online only. The first email with intramural information will be sent out mid-November to all who are registered
    • Please note: You do not have to be a parishoner to participate in this program. All are welcome!